Friday Favourites: Wedding Bells

Friday Favourites: Wedding Bells

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Happy Friday!  We managed to escape our HFM outbreak with only one mild case, so we’re counting our lucky stars right now.  It could have been MUCH worse. 

This has been a busy week for us, gearing up for back to school, and getting everybody outfitted for a big family wedding in a couple of weeks.  My kids (ages 6, 3, and 1) are going to be ring bearers and a flower girl in the wedding – they’ve been looking forward to this for months!

The older two have been practicing “walking down the aisle”, and are taking their job very seriously.  It’s adorable to watch them walking very slowly around the house, cradling whatever item they’ve found to use as a ring box.  They’ve also come up with a wedding song that seems to be part of the routine – I’m just hoping the song doesn’t make an appearance on the big day!  If you have any tips on how to get your kids to successfully participate in a wedding, I’d love to hear them!

What I’m Loving This Week

Back to school season always signals a new beginning for me, and with that comes a need to get organized.  This year I’m determined to get a handle on our backpack storage and school paper organization (I have a new system in the works that I’m hoping to share with you soon!).  If you’re also feeling the urge to get organized, check out this round-up of back to school home organization ideas from Kate at A Hundred Affections.  She’s sharing 30 great ideas for homework stations, backpack storage, and family command centers.

Heather at Glitter on a Dime has been keeping her kids busy with a DIY Summer Camp all summer.  Her latest theme week was Kindness Week, and she’s shared some great activities to go with that theme.  Kindness rocks are one of the random acts of kindness activities that we brainstormed but never got to, so this is a good reminder that we need to do them before winter is here!

Is it too early to be thinking about Halloween costumes?  Now that they’re out at Costco, they’re a heavy topic of conversation around here!  Elna over at Smart Mom Ideas has 13 fun family costume ideas – I’m all about the family themed costumes while you can still convince the kids to go along with it! 🙂

Lastly, a product recommendation.  You know those incredibly simple things that are absolute life savers?  This brilliant little container is one of those.  It prevents Mum-Mums from getting crushed in your purse or diaper bag, which if you’ve ever carried a Mum-Mum in your bag you’ll know happens approximately 100% of the time.  My kids are almost out of the Mum-Mum stage now, but the container is great for the cereal bars they love too.  It’s one of those simple ideas that saves a lot of daily frustration.

Parents of Twitter

Finally, here are some of the hilarious tweets from the parents of Twitter that are keeping me laughing this week:

Have a great long weekend!

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