DIY Toddler Mickey Mouse Costume

DIY Toddler Mickey Mouse Costume

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Last year, my son was obsessed with Mickey Mouse. He loved his Mickey stuffie, his Mickey shirts, and when Halloween rolled around, there was absolutely no question that I would be figuring out how to make a toddler Mickey Mouse costume.

I’m not overly crafty, and I can’t sew at all, but I figured that a toddler Mickey Mouse costume was something that even I could handle. The hardest part about the costume was figuring out how we were going to make Mickey’s shoes, without spending a bunch of money on shoes that he would never wear again.

There’s a good chance that you’ll already have most of what you need for this Mickey Mouse costume at home.  If not, it’s relatively easy to find the pieces on Amazon, or at your local dollar store.

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What you need for a toddler Mickey Mouse costume:

  • Black long sleeved shirt (we used an old waffle-knit shirt – here’s a good option from Amazon)
  • Black leggings (I picked these up in the girls section at Carter’s – click here for similar)
  • Red shorts (ours were from Gymboree – these are similar)
  • White buttons (I found a package at the dollar store that had the larger size I needed)
  • White gloves (we used mittens from the dollar store, as my son hadn’t quite mastered gloves yet – here are some simple knit gloves, or check your local dollar store)
  • Mickey ears (I picked up this 12 pack, which we also used at my son’s birthday party.  The quality was better than I was expecting – they’re still going strong a year later)
  • Yellow soccer socks in a size much larger than your child’s feet (these are the ones we ordered)

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The only assembly you will need to do in advance is sew the buttons on the front of the shorts.  Our buttons were about 1 inch in diameter – you may want to go even bigger if you can find them.

Mickey’s giant shoes are simple to make – just slip the soccer socks on over their regular shoes, and then roll the socks down.  If you’re going to be inside, I’d suggest adding some puffy paint to the bottom, so that your child doesn’t slip.  If you’re walking around outside, the socks will be in rough shape by the end of the night, but ours made it through a whole night of trick or treating with no issues.

That’s it!  Super easy, and so much cuter than any ready-made Mickey Mouse costume you can buy.

EASY DIY toddler Mickey Mouse costume #Halloween #toddlercostume #Halloweencostume #MickeyMouse #toddlermickeycostume

Have your children started planning their Halloween costumes already?  Do you prefer to make your Halloween costumes or buy them? 

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