191+ Things to Throw Away

191+ Things to Throw Away

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A few weeks ago, we talked about the 5 easy steps to declutter your home.  While the decluttering process is simple, deciding what things to keep and what things to throw away can be easier said than done.  For those who like a little more help in deciding what to ger rid of, this post is for you.

When I say throw away, I don’t necessarily mean these that items should be thrown in the garbage.  Some can be sold, some can be donated, some can be recycled, and others are destined for the trash.  The key is to make the decision on where they should go and do it, so the items don’t end up sitting in the basement for a few months, only to trickle back into the house over time.

I recommend tackling this room by room, except for the items that are stashed all over the house (candles, office supplies, etc.).  For those items, gather all of the similar items before you begin. When you have twenty candles sitting in front of you it’s easier to make the decision to get rid of some, than when you’re coming across 1-2 per room.

As a refresher, here are the four simple categories of items that I aim to get rid of when I’m decluttering.  Keep these in mind when you go through the decluttering process – don’t be limited by the list of items below!

  • Anything that’s broken, missing parts or worn out beyond repair.
  • Any unnecessary duplicates.  
  • Anything that’s outgrown by every member of your family.   
  • Anything you don’t use or love.

Now, let’s dive into it room by room.  Here are 191+ things to throw away:


  1. Extra measuring cups
  2. Extra measuring spoons
  3. Extra kitchen utensils
  4. Extra cups and mugs
  5. Travel mugs that leak or have to be hand washed (unless it’s a family member’s favourite and they’re willing to clean it themselves!)
  6. Extra cookware, baking ware, and serving items
  7. Cookie cutters and cake pans you don’t use
  8. Excess tableware and decorations you never use (placemats, tablecloths, chargers, napkins, etc.)
  9. Chipped or broken dishes
  10. Stained plastic containers
  11. Plastic containers without a lid, and vice versa
  12. Extra bibs
  13. Extra bottles
  14. Sippy cups that leak or are missing parts
  15. Children’s dishes they’ve outgrown
  16. Expired food
  17. Expired condiments
  18. Food that your family will never eat
  19. Freezer burned food
  20. Unidentifiable frozen goods
  21. Old spices
  22. Take out menus (can you get it online?)
  23. Take out condiments
  24. Chopsticks
  25. Recipe books you don’t use
  26. Leftover paper plates and plastic cutlery from birthday parties (they’re perfect for picnics and short camping trips – use them!)
  27. Those one-off kitchen appliances and gadgets you never use (ice cream maker anyone?)
  28. Broken or unwanted magnets

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  1. Old towels and washcloths (how many do you really need?)
  2. Hotel toiletries
  3. Almost-empty toiletries and products
  4. Hair products you don’t love or use regularly
  5. Hair tools you never use
  6. Stretched out hair elastics
  7. Excess, or bent bobby pins
  8. Hair accessories you don’t use
  9. Expired makeup
  10. Makeup that you don’t like
  11. Makeup samples that you will never use
  12. Lip products you’re scraping the bottom out of
  13. Makeup that has shattered and threatens to spill everywhere every time you use it (just me?)
  14. Makeup bags you never use (am I the only one that ends up with tons of gift with purchase bags?)
  15. Nail polish you never use
  16. Nail polish that’s dried up
  17. Dull nail files
  18. Old perfumes and colognes
  19. Expired sunscreen
  20. Expired medication
  21. Extra syringes and cups that come with children’s medication
  22. Bath toys that are past their prime

Kick off your decluttering with this list of 191+ things to throw away!


  1. Bed linens (keep 2 sets per bed, max)
  2. Extra pillows
  3. Clothes that don’t fit (including kids clothes, unless you’re saving them for another child)
  4. Clothes that you never wear
  5. Clothes that you just don’t like
  6. Stained or worn clothing
  7. Hand-me-downs that aren’t worth saving
  8. Swimwear that’s lost it’s stretch
  9. Socks without a match
  10. Socks with holes
  11. Tights with a hole
  12. Underwear that has seen better days
  13. Bridesmaid dresses and formal dresses you will never wear again
  14. Ties you’ll never wear again
  15. Belts that no longer fit, are worn-out, or you never wear
  16. Scarves you never wear
  17. Mittens without a match
  18. Hats you never wear
  19. Jackets you never wear
  20. Extra or broken umbrellas
  21. Old purses and bags that you no longer use
  22. Old suitcases and luggage that you no longer use
  23. Old wallets that you no longer use
  24. Shoes that no longer fit
  25. Shoes that are broken (if you haven’t gotten around to repairing them in 6 months, you won’t)
  26. Shoes that are past their prime. (If you don’t feel good when you wear them, you don’t need them.  You don’t need 3 different pairs of old runners for “yardwork” or “camping” – I promise!)
  27. Uncomfortable shoes
  28. Old shoe boxes
  29. Jewelry you never wear
  30. Earrings without a match
  31. Glasses with an out-of-date prescription
  32. Extra contact lens cases
  33. Old sunglasses
  34. Extra, broken, or mismatched hangers
  35. Hangers from the dry cleaners


  1. Baby gear (if you’re done having babies)
  2. Extra baby blankets
  3. Soothers that are worn or that your kids are done with
  4. Artwork (pick a few favourites, or snap a picture of it)
  5. Random stickers they’ll never use
  6. Kids books you never read
  7. Old colouring books
  8. Kids books that are torn or damaged
  9. Broken toys
  10. Toys that are missing parts
  11. Toys that are no longer played with
  12. Puzzles with missing pieces
  13. Unloved stuffed animals
  14. Games with missing pieces
  15. Kids meal and goody bag trinkets

Kick off your decluttering with this list of 191+ things to throw away!


  1. Extra decor items that you’re tired of storing or dusting
  2. Knick knacks that you don’t love
  3. Broken decor items
  4. Extra throw blankets
  5. Any candles that you don’t use or enjoy
  6. Extra vases
  7. Extra picture frames that you’ve been storing for ages (display them, or get rid of them!)
  8. Coasters you don’t use
  9. Christmas or other seasonal decor that you don’t love and you’re sick of storing

Office & Paper

  1. Expired coupons
  2. Junk mail
  3. Thumbtacks (unless you actually use them, they’re just something dangerous that the kids will inevitably find)
  4. Gift bags
  5. Wrapping paper scraps
  6. Old textbooks
  7. Old school notes
  8. Dried out glue sticks
  9. Dried up super glue
  10. Dried up markers
  11. Broken crayons the kids won’t use (search Pinterest for some fun ideas to use them up!)
  12. Duplicate office supplies (staplers, hole punch, pens, pencils, pencil sharpeners, highlighters, scissors, etc.)
  13. Novelty pencils
  14. Novelty erasers
  15. Extra, half filled notebooks
  16. Extra binders
  17. Fabric, yarn, ribbon or paper scraps
  18. Crafting supplies that you don’t want or will never use
  19. Old magazines
  20. Old bills
  21. Old pay stubs
  22. Old Christmas cards (I keep one copy of our family’s card from each year.  For cards we receive, I pack them up with the decorations to look at them next year when I unpack the decorations – then toss.)
  23. Old cards (save the special ones, but you don’t need to save all of them!)
  24. Letters and mementos from exes
  25. Product manuals that you can find online
  26. Product manuals for items you no longer have
  27. Ticket stubs
  28. Old receipts
  29. Old calendars and planners
  30. Broken staple rows
  31. Phone books
  32. Business cards (add them to your electronic contacts)
  33. Books you will never read, or will never read again

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Deciding what to keep and what you can get rid of is often the hardest part of decluttering. Simplify the process with this list of 191 things to throw away. Decluttering has never been so easy! #declutter #decluttering #howtodeclutter #thingstodeclutter #declutteringlist #organize #simplify


  1. Old video game systems or games you never play
  2. Old printers
  3. Old cell phones
  4. Old cell phone cases
  5. Old digital cameras
  6. Video cameras
  7. Electronics that you no longer use
  8. Chargers and cords for old electronics
  9. Extra power cords
  10. Extra extension cords and power strips
  11. Extra USB drives
  12. Extra headphones
  13. Blank CDs you will never use
  14. Any floppy disks that have somehow survived the last 25 years
  15. Old CDs
  16. Old DVDs that you’ll never watch again
  17. Old PVR recordings (it’s like a to-do list – you don’t have to!)
  18. Old product boxes (I just threw out two Apple TV boxes – I have no idea why we saved them!)

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  1. Promotional items you never use (clothing, water bottles, coffee bottles, umbrellas, etc.)
  2. Keys that you have no idea what they’re for
  3. Combination locks you don’t remember the combination for
  4. Old store loyalty cards
  5. Gift cards you’re “saving” (use them!)
  6. Reusable shopping bags (you only need so many!)
  7. Plastic shopping bags (again, you only need so many!  Try to avoid getting them altogether)
  8. Spare change
  9. Extra decks of cards, and incomplete decks of cards
  10. Puzzles that you’ll never make again
  11. Games you never play
  12. Cleaning products you don’t use
  13. Worn out cleaning rags
  14. Furniture that is damaged, broken, or you simply don’t like
  15. Dead or almost dead plants
  16. Old rugs
  17. Old paint
  18. Mystery screws, nails, nuts, bolts
  19. Extra tools (how many identical screwdrivers do you need?)
  20. Extra tape measures
  21. Spare parts that you can’t ID where they’re from
  22. Old or unused sports equipment (that treadmill takes up a LOT of space for a clothes rack!)
  23. Duplicate sports equipment (are we the only ones who have somehow ended up with 4 soccer balls?)
  24. Outgrown bikes
  25. Extra matches
  26. Air mattresses that leak
  27. Old lunchboxes and backpacks
  28. Scrap wood
  29. Extra lightbulbs you’ll never use
  30. Half-finished projects, and the supplies for the half-finished projects (see: things that make you feel bad)
  31. Extra buttons

I hope this list helps kick-off your decluttering!  What did I miss? Let me know in the comments!

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