63+ Stocking Stuffers for Babies and Toddlers

63+ Stocking Stuffers for Babies and Toddlers

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Stockings are my favourite part of Christmas.  They’ve always kicked off Christmas morning for us, and watching my kids’ excitement as they dig into them is simply magical.

With three kids, we’ve had plenty of opportunity to think of ideas for stocking stuffers for babies.  To help you fill your little one’s stocking, I’ve put together a list of 63+ stocking stuffers for baby.  The items on this list will be appropriate for baby’s first Christmas, and for young toddlers.

As you’ll see, I’m all about putting a mix of practical and exciting items in stockings.  If my child needs new socks, you can bet they’re going to find some in their stocking on Christmas morning!  I try my best to avoid dollar store trinkets that are going to be thrown out a week later – I’d much rather fill their stockings with items they’re actually going to use.

The list is broken down by category, and almost every item on this list is something that one (or all!) of our three kids have used and loved.

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  1. Puffs (Canadian link).  A classic first finger food, and perfect for taking up lots of room in baby’s stocking!
  2. Baby Gourmet Mushies.  These were a favourite for our kids (they’re a Canadian company, so I’m not sure if you can find them in the US).
  3. Yogurt melts (Canadian link).  Another baby treat our kids loved.
  4. Goldfish or Annie’s bunnies (Canadian link).  A favourite snack for babies and older kids alike.
  5. Pouch (Canadian link). There were stages when these were the only veggies I was able to get into my kids!
  6. Mandarin orange.  We always had a mandarin orange in the toe of our stocking growing up, and we’ve continued the tradition with our kids.
  7. Mini cereal.  This is another tradition from when I was a kid that we’ve passed on to our children.  We always received one of those single serve containers of cereal, which was quickly devoured on Christmas morning.
  8. Fruit snacks.  A special treat for older toddlers.
  9. Mum-Mum container (Canadian link).  If you’re tired of finding crushed Mum-Mums in the bottom of your diaper bag, this little container is brilliant!  We used it for Mum-Mums when our kids were young, and we still use it for the kids’ cereal bars.
  10. Sippy cup.  They need these, so why not include it in their stocking?  This one (Canadian link) was our favourite first sippy cup.
  11. Snack trap (Canadian link).  These are awesome.  We still use them all the time, to keep snacks contained when we’re out and about.
  12. Dishes.  Another item that you need (or are going to soon enough!), so you might as well include in their stocking.  Our favourite kids’ dishes are the KALAS dishes from IKEA.  The IKEA cutlery is a bit big for little mouths, so I recommend these (Canadian link) for first spoons.  We also like these (Canadian link) suction bowls, which aren’t perfect, but buy you a little bit of time before their food is thrown on the floor!
  13. ezpz mat (Canadian link).  We just discovered this with our third child, and wish we had found it earlier.  This is a plate/placemat that suctions to the highchair to limit the food that is dumped on the floor.  Like the bowls above, it’s not perfect, but it worked well for us.
  14. Mesh food feeder (Canadian link).  Fill these with frozen fruit for teething babies.
  15. Reusable pouch (Canadian link).  These are fantastic if you like making your own baby food.
  16. Bibs (Canadian link).  We tried way too many bibs, and the soft silicon ones were by far our favourite.

Hygiene/Personal Care

  1. Fun bandaids (Canadian link).  These are a staple in my kids’ stockings every year.
  2. Bubble bath (Canadian link).  Not for the youngest babies, but bubble baths were a hit with my kids as toddlers.
  3. Shampoo (Canadian link).  Another practical necessity.
  4. Leave-in conditioner (Canadian link).  This is a must-have product for us for combing through our daughter’s hair.
  5. Hair bows.  We loved these tiny Baby Wisp hair bows (Canadian link), which were the only clips that actually stayed in my daughter’s hair.
  6. Hair elastics.  Once my daughter’s hair was long enough to put in a ponytail, the tiny Goody hair bands were our favourite.
  7. Head bands.  I LOVE nylon headbands like these.
  8. Bath crayons. My boys loved these (Canadian link) when they were younger (I recommend testing them before you let your kids loose – some of them are harder to remove than others).
  9. Bath toys.  We particularly like Boon bath toys (Canadian link), Yookidoo bath toys (Canadian link), and Green Toys bath toys (Canadian link).
  10. Bath book.  The color-changing bath books are a lot of fun.
  11. Wash cloths.  Another staple item that you have to buy anyway!
  12. Pacifier.  If your baby takes one, this is obviously a necessity.  It’s also an item that my kids were very excited to find in their stockings!
  13. Pacifier clip.  I highly recommend the pacifier clips with silicone beads, like this one – they’re perfect for teething babies!
  14. Pacifier pocket (Canadian link).  I love this to keep pacifiers clean and easy to find.
  15. Toothbrush.  This one gets great reviews as a first toothbrush and teether.
  16. Flossers (Canadian link).  We love these once our kids start flossing.
  17. Nail polish (Canadian link).  Piggy Paint is a great non-toxic option for little ones who love to have their nails painted.


  1. Mittens.  For babies, mittens on a string are perfect to keep them from getting lost.
  2. Hat.  A sun hat or ball cap for summer and warmer climates.
  3. Toque.  A must-have for winter climates.
  4. Socks.  Gap socks are our favourite to stay put on little feet.
  5. Shoes.  These are our favourite first walking shoes for babies.
  6. Sunglasses.  How cute are these? (Canadian link)
  7. Teething necklace.  We didn’t use these, but I know many people who swear by amber teething necklaces.
  8. Clothing.  Onesies, sleepers, t-shirts, rompers – the nice thing about baby clothes is that it’s small enough to fit in their stocking!


  1. Lovey.  We used security blankets for all of our kids.  These (Canadian link) were a favourite – they’re breathable, so I worried much less when my kids inevitably draped them over their face!
  2. Books.   You can find a list of our favourite books for babies and toddlers here.
  3. Scrunchy book.  Babies love exploring the different textures and sounds in these books (Canadian link).
  4. Car seat toy.  Freddie the Firefly (Canadian link) is a universal hit with babies.  He’s got all kinds of textures, colours and sounds for baby to explore.  We also loved the Infantino Jittery Pals (Canadian link), which shake when you pull on them – they’re a good distraction when your little one is upset!
  5. Rattle.  Rattles are a classic baby toy for a reason – babies love them!
  6. Easy-to-grab ball.  Balls are a basic and entertaining toy for little ones.  We had a couple of easy-to-grab options that our kids enjoyed: this one (Canadian link) and this one (Canadian link).  The Oball is incredibly light, and easy to bend and manipulate.  The Baby Einstein ball is heavier but has a fun little rattle ball inside.  Both are very easy for baby to grasp.
  7. Links.  Plastic links like these are a fantastic multi-purpose toy.  They can be used to secure other toys to the stroller or car seat, and also make a fun toy for baby to chew on and play with all on their own.
  8. Winkel.  This (Canadian link) toy was a favourite with all of our kids.  It’s a rattle, it’s a teether, and perhaps most importantly, it’s one of the first toys that their little fingers are able to pick up on their own.
  9. Teethers.  Water or gel-filled teethers that can be refrigerated were a must-have for us for relief of teething pain.
  10. Nesting cups.  When it comes to value for money, you can’t beat nesting cups (Canadian link).  There are so many ways to play with this simple toy, and your child is sure to discover all of them.
  11. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes.  We loved this (Canadian link) handheld music player at home, and even more so as a distraction in the car.  When baby pushes the large button on the front, it activates music and lights.  It plays classical music, which is much more tolerable for Mom & Dad’s ears than many other toys.
  12. Keys (Canadian link).  These realistic-looking keys are a much better alternative than playing with Mom & Dad’s keys!
  13. Highchair toy (Canadian link).  Great for entertaining baby while you prepare dinner.
  14. Sophie (Canadian link).  Truth be told, Sophie wasn’t a big hit with our kids.  However, I know Sophie is a must-have for many babies, so had to include her.
  15. Playdoh. Once they can be trusted not to eat it (or even before, with close supervision), Play-Doh (Canadian link) is an excellent toy to exercise little hands and imaginations.
  16. Crayons.  These (Canadian link) egg-shaped crayons are the perfect first crayon for little hands.
  17. Do-a-Dot Markers (Canadian link).  We love these.  My kids used them from a surprisingly young age (shortly after turning one), but will need close supervision at younger ages.
  18. CD.  Music is magical for my kids in the car – we like to keep a few kids CDs on hand for road trips.
  19. Stickers.  My kids loved stickers as toddlers.
  20. Cars.  Toys cars are a hit with my boys and my daughter.  This (Canadian link) is a great first car that’s easy for little hands to hold onto.
  21. Finger puppets.  These finger puppets from IKEA are fantastic.
  22. Little People.  Finally, Little People are one of our favourite toys for toddlers.  Figurine sets like this (Canadian link) make excellent stocking stuffers.

Looking for stocking stuffer ideas for your baby or toddler? We've got you covered! 63+ practical and fun stocking stuffer ideas for your baby or toddler. #baby #toddler #stockingstuffers #Christmas #Christmasgifts #giftideas #giftguide

Looking for stocking stuffer ideas for your baby or toddler? We've got you covered! 63+ practical and fun stocking stuffer ideas for your baby or toddler. #baby #toddler #stockingstuffers #Christmas #Christmasgifts #giftideas #giftguide

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