127+ Stocking Stuffers for Kids

127+ Stocking Stuffers for Kids

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If you’re anything like me, you’re probably getting your Christmas shopping lists finalized so you’re ready to jump on Black Friday sales.  To help you out with stocking stuffers for kids, we’ve created an ultimate list of more than 127 stocking stuffer ideas.

As you’ll see, I’m all about putting a mix of practical and exciting items in stockings.  If my child needs new socks, you can bet they’re going to find some in their stocking on Christmas morning!  I try my best to avoid dollar store trinkets that are going to be thrown out a week later – I’d much rather fill their stockings with items they’re actually going to use.

My oldest is six, so the ideas on this list are geared towards younger children.  If you’re looking for ideas for a baby or toddler, check out our list of 63+ stocking stuffer for babies and toddlers.

The list is broken down by category, and almost every item on this list is something that one (or all!) of our three kids have used and loved.

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Arts & Crafts

I’m a big fan of replenishing art supplies – art is a popular activity around our house, and the art supplies are always getting used up.

  1. Crayons
  2. Markers.  For something a little different, choose unique colours or stampers.
  3. Pencil crayons
  4. Fun pens.  I use these multi-colour pens for my planner, and my kids are obsessed with them.  I may have to include their own set in their stockings, so they’ll stop stealing Mom’s!
  5. Pencil sharpener.  Ok, it’s not the most exciting gift, but they probably need one!
  6. Paints
  7. Finger paints.  If you’re a much braver parent than I am!
  8. Paint brushes
  9. Glue sticks
  10. Scissors
  1. Tape.  My kids go through tape like it’s going out of style.  They’d be thrilled with basic scotch tape or masking tape, or make it a little bit more exciting with decorative tape.
  2. Do-A-Dot markers.  We love these in our house!
  3. Play-Doh
  4. Perler beads.  My older two will sit and play with these for AGES.  Beads or new boards make a great stocking stuffer.
  5. Water Wow!  These are an awesome no-mess art activity, perfect when you’re on-the-go.
  6. Scratch Art!  These are another favourite on-the-go art activity.
  7. Color Blast!  Our kids loved these, especially as toddlers and preschoolers.
  8. Melissa & Doug Tape Activity Book.  If your kids love tape as much as mine do, this book is fantastic!
  9. Word search or puzzle book
  10. Construction paper.  Another item that is forever being used up in our house.
  1. Colouring book
  2. Journal or notebook
  3. Stickers
  4. Glow in the dark stars
  5. Temporary tattoos
  6. Stampers.  These are always a favourite of my kids when they get to choose a “prize” at the dentist or eye doctor.  I picked up a (much smaller!) set of these at the dollar store a few years back, and my older kids were thrilled to find them in their stocking.

Toys & Entertainment

I do my best to avoid junk that’s going to be broken or thrown out within the week.

  1. Book.  Listing our favourite books individually would make this list way too long.  Some of our current favourites are The Gruffalo & The Gruffalo’s Child, One (I LOVE this book!), and The Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot.
  2. Magazine.  Either a single issue or a subscription to their favourite magazine (some ideas: Highlights, National Geographic Kids, Sports Illustrated for Kids).
  3. Comic book
  4. Animal figurine.  Schleich animals are excellent quality and get a lot of play time in our house.
  1. Hot wheels
  2. Hot wheels tracks
  3. Road tape
  4. Nerf gun
  5. Nerf darts
  6. Figurine (Paw Patrol, Superhero, favourite TV character, etc.)
  7. Lego minifigure
  8. Lego BrickHeadz
  9. Finger puppets.  These finger puppets from IKEA are fantastic.
  10. Animal that grows in water.  My kids get a kick out of these, and still play with them in the bathtub once they’re fully grown.
  1. Small stuffed animal
  2. Baby bottle
  3. Play silks
  4. Shopkins
  5. Blind bags.  Let’s be honest, these are usually junk, but my kids love them.
  6. Playing cards
  7. Melissa & Doug Classic Card Games.  We loved these to play Memory when my oldest was a toddler, and as he got older we’ve enjoyed playing the intended games.
  8. Uno
  9. Spot It!
  10. Melissa & Doug Smarty Pants.  This set was a hit with my oldest when he was younger.
  1. Rubik’s cube
  2. Pokemon cards. There’s nothing my 6-year-old would be happier to receive this year!
  3. Small puzzle
  4. Travel DoodlePro.  We just brought this back out and my older two have had a lot of fun practicing their letters and words (and drawing, of course!).
  5. Travel Spirograph
  6. Flashlight
  7. Wikki Stix
  8. Headphones
  9. Magnifying glass
  10. Yo-yo
  1. Fun luggage tag
  2. Key chain
  3. Glider kit
  4. CD. Music is magical for my kids in the car – we like to keep a few kids’ CDs on hand for road trips.
  5. Movie. As we all know, kids will happily watch their favourite movie over and over (and over and over…) again.
  6. Glow stick
  7. Magnets. Magnets featuring their favourite characters are sure to be a hit.
  8. Bike bell
  9. Swim goggles
  10. Jump rope
  1. Beach ball
  2. Sidewalk chalk
  3. Bubbles
  4. Gift certificate for frozen yogurt or mini golf.
  5. Movie ticket

Clothing & Accessories 

I’m all about filling their stockings with items they need anyway!

  1. Slippers
  2. Socks.  Go practical with cozy wool socks for winter activities, or choose fun socks featuring their favourite character.
  3. Mittens
  4. Hat. A sun hat or ball cap for summer and warmer climates.
  5. Toque. A must-have for winter climates.
  1. Ear muffs. Another fun accessory for winter climates.
  2. Underwear
  3. Sunglasses.  Another practical item that’s always getting lost or broken in our house.
  4. Belt
  5. Watch.  Perfect for an early elementary-aged child who’s just learning to tell time.
  6. Clothing Labels.  We love the Mabel’s Labels clothing labels to help ensure that their clothing actually comes home with them.
  7. Apron.  A practical gift for a little one who enjoys helping in the kitchen.
  8. Wallet.  Grandma and Grandpa bought my boys wallets for their birthdays this year, and I was surprised by what a big hit they were.  This is another one that’s fantastic for early elementary-aged children who are learning about money.
  9. Coin purse
  10. Costume jewellery

Food & Drink

Often a favourite part of the stocking, I like to include special treats that they don’t normally get to have.

  1. Mandarin orange.  We always had a mandarin orange in the toe of our stocking growing up, and we’ve continued the tradition with our kids.
  2. Candy.  Their favourite treat is guaranteed to make them smile.
  3. Candy cane.  A classic, and surprisingly popular with my older kids.
  4. Lollipop or ring pop
  5. PEZ dispenser.  PEZ dispensers with their favourite characters are always a win around here.
  6. Kinder Surprise Egg
  7. Chocolate Santa.  Or any other novelty chocolate.
  8. Fruit snacks.  My kids are very excited when they get fruit snacks like Fruit by the Foot (and I laugh remembering how they basically counted as a serving of fruit when we were kids!).
  9. Rice Krispie square
  10. Hot chocolate.  A single serving package of specialty hot chocolate makes a special winter treat.  
  1. Chips.  Surely I’m not the only one with individual bags of chips left over from Halloween? 🙂
  2. Goldfish
  3. Mini cereal.  This is another tradition from when I was a kid that we’ve passed on to our children.  We always received one of those single serve containers of cereal, which was quickly devoured on Christmas morning.
  4. Juice box.  Juice boxes are a special treat around here, and my kids are thrilled to receive them in their stockings.
  5. Silly straws
  6. Construction eating utensils.  These are adorable, and a surefire hit with any truck-obsessed child.
  7. Water bottle.  These are our favourite.
  8. Reusable snack bag
  9. Recipe book.  This could be a cookbook aimed a children, or make your own recipe book featuring your family’s favourite recipes.

Hygiene & Personal Care

Finally, another practical category to round out their stockings.

  1. Fun bandaids.  These are a staple in my kids’ stockings every year.
  2. Shampoo
  3. Leave-in conditioner.  This is a must-have product for us for combing through our daughter’s hair.
  4. Hair ties
  5. Hair bows
  6. Headband
  7. Bubble bath.  Who doesn’t love a bubble bath?
  8. Body wash
  9. Bath crayons.  My boys loved these when they were younger (I recommend testing them before you let your kids loose – some of them are harder to remove than others).
  10. Bath toys.  We particularly like Boon bath toysYookidoo bath toys, and Green Toys bath toys.
  11. Bath bombs.  These are on my list for my kids this year.
  1. Lip gloss
  2. Toothbrush.  Toothbrushes aren’t that exciting, but they can be if they feature their favourite character!
  3. Toothpaste
  4. Flossers.  These are way easier than dental floss for our kids.
  5. Nail polish.  Piggy Paint is a great non-toxic option for little ones who love to have their nails painted.
  6. Nail stickers
  7. Night light

I hope this post gave you some new ideas for stocking stuffers for your kids.  If you’ve got unique ideas that I haven’t included, I’d love to hear them!

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