4 Inspiring and Relatable Working Mom Podcasts

4 Inspiring and Relatable Working Mom Podcasts

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I discovered podcasts only last year – and since then, I’ve become addicted.  As a busy working mom, downtime is scarce, which makes podcasts the perfect mini-break in my day.  I love listening to them on my commute, on my lunchtime walk, and while doing chores around the house.

My favourite working mom podcasts are those that challenge you to look at issues from a different perspective, share tips and tricks that you can implement in your own life, and reassure you that you’re not alone as you tackle the challenges inherent in motherhood.  Here are a few of my favourites.

My Favourite Working Mom Podcasts

These podcasts for working moms will inspire you to create the life you want, while offering practical advice on work-life balance, time management, and more.  Check out my picks for the 4 best working mom podcasts!

1. Best of Both Worlds Podcast

Hosts Laura Vanderkam and Sarah Hart-Unger are “two working parents who love their careers – and their families”.  They tackle all things working parent-related – from time management, to childcare, to exploring different career trajectories.

One of the things I love about this podcast is that Laura and Sarah come with very different perspectives.  Laura is an author, journalist and speaker, with flexibility to set her own schedule.  Sarah has a more traditional work schedule as a physician.  Both are juggling large families (five and three kids, respectively), and have spouses with demanding careers.

They’ve helped me embrace outsourcing, look at childcare differently, and introduced me to a number of excellent books.  Check out these episodes to get you started:

  1. Episode 88: Childcare Tips, Tricks, and Hacks
  2. Episode 59: Thriving as a Working Mother with Author Jessica Turner

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2. Edit Your Life Podcast

Edit Your Life isn’t a working mom podcast, but its focus on simplifying your life makes it a perfect fit for working parents.  Their intro sums up the show perfectly: 

We share practical ways to declutter your home, schedule, and mental space without getting bogged down by perfection.

Hosts Christine Koh and Asha Dornfest are positive, supportive and encouraging, with a relaxed and soothing conversational style.  They offer practical advice, ending each episode with “your next edit” – a tangible action item that you can implement in your life right away.

If you’re getting started with Edit Your Life, I recommend:

  1. Episode 161: Becoming More Present
  2. Episode 27: Modelling Imperfection

3. Brilliant Balance Podcast

Host Cherylanne Skolnicki describes herself as a former corporate-ladder-climber, carving out a new path as a writer, speaker, and coach.  Her podcast offers actionable tips and inspiration on creating work-life balance that works for you, while achieving your greatest potential.

Most of her episodes are on the shorter side, making them perfect to squeeze into little pockets of your day.  The podcast is motivating and always well-organized – something the logical part of my brain appreciates.  I recommend listening to this podcast on your commute to work.  Her positive and uplifting style will ensure that you start your day off on the right foot.

Here are a couple of my favourite episodes:

  1. Episode 90: Slow Down to do More (The Productivity Paradox)
  2. Episode 81: Why Doing it ALL is Overrated

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4. The Mom Hour Podcast

Listening to The Mom Hour feels like sitting down for coffee with your two best friends – something that we never seem to have enough time for as busy working moms.

This isn’t a working mom podcast, but covers all topics motherhood-related.  I’ve included it on my list because it’s incredibly relatable, encouraging, and honest.  Hosts Meagan Francis and Sarah Powers often have different approaches to an issue, which I appreciate.  Even better is how they address those differences – always respectfully, and without judgment.  The Mom Hour will make you laugh, cry, and – most importantly – feel less alone as you navigates the ups and downs of motherhood. 

If you’re new to The Mom Hour, I suggest checking out their website, where they’ve compiled lists of some of their favourite episodes, curated for your particular life-stage or area of interest (for example, working motherhood).  Or, check out a couple of my favourite episodes below:

  1. Episode 173: The Life-Changing Magic of Arbitrary Rules
  2. Episode 137: 10 Habits of Happy Moms (Part 1)
These podcasts for working moms will inspire you to create the life you want, while offering practical advice on work-life balance, time management, and more.  Check out my picks for the 4 best working mom podcasts!

I’m always on the lookout for new podcasts to add to the list.  If you have a favourite working mom podcast that I should check out, please share in the comments! 

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