A Letter To Every Mom on Mother’s Day

A Letter To Every Mom on Mother’s Day

To the mom-to-be, waiting on the arrival of your first baby.  While you haven’t yet held your baby in your arms, you’ve already glimpsed the worry and love that will define your new role as mom.  You are at the beginning of the greatest adventure of your life – enjoy the ride!

To the new mom, with unwashed hair, tear-stained cheeks, and a heart overflowing with love.  To the woman thrown into a world that bears no resemblance to her pre-baby life.  Whether you’re adapting to motherhood with ease or struggling to find your footing, know that you’re doing a great job.  Life will settle down – I promise – but in the meantime go easy on yourself.  Binge-watching Netflix while snuggling a sleeping baby is a completely acceptable way to spend the day – everything else can wait.

To the mom of young ones, immersed in the trenches of motherhood.  To the mom pouring her heart and soul into shaping young lives, dreaming of an uninterrupted night’s sleep and a hot cup of coffee.  These years are exhausting, relentless, and magical.  They won’t always need us like this – and when they don’t, we will undoubtedly look back wistfully at the days when they did.

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Mother kissing daughter

To the mom of school-aged-children, on the receiving end of macaroni art and homemade cards.  To the mom juggling everything – work, family, school, homework, sports and activities – and keenly aware of how quickly time is passing.  So much of what you do goes unnoticed and unappreciated.  So from one Mom to another, let me say – I see you, I know how much is on your plate.  You’re doing an amazing job!

To the mom of teenagers, dealing with big, adult-sized issues.  Hormones, peer pressure, driving, technology, and choices that can impact the rest of their lives.  As a mom of young ones, I’m in awe of your composure, your patience, and your ability to help your children navigate an increasingly scary world.

Mother and children looking at water at sunset

To the single mom, doing the work of two parents.  To the mom who really, really, deserves to be celebrated, but – unless the kids are old enough – knows that the day will likely pass without fanfare.  I hope you get a break, I hope you’re able to do something special for yourself, and most of all, I hope you know that you know how loved, appreciated, and admired you are.

To those for whom Mother’s Day is hard.  To those who have suffered losses, are waiting on an adopted child, or are struggling through infertility.  To those who yearn to be a mom.  Know that you are not forgotten this Mother’s Day.

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To the moms of grown children and the grandmas.  You’ve made it through the heavy-lifting years of parenting, but the role of Mom never ends.  You’re providing tireless support and encouragement, probably hosting more than your fair share of holiday dinners, and continuing to show your children and grandchildren what unconditional love looks like.  Thank you for setting an incredible example, and for teaching us newer moms everything we need to know about motherhood.

Grandma holding hands with grandchild

No matter what stage you’re in, there is nothing like motherhood.  Motherhood is worry – an ever-present companion from the moment you find out you’re expecting.  Motherhood is strength.  Motherhood is frustration, and exhaustion, and sacrifice, and giving when you don’t think you have anything left to give.  Motherhood is joy.  Motherhood is hard.  And most of all, motherhood is love. Pure, all-encompassing, unconditional, so-much-it-hurts love.

To every mom, trying your best to be the best mom you can be: I wish you a very happy Mother’s Day.

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Whether you're a mom-to-be or a grandma, there is nothing like motherhood. This letter to every mom celebrates every stage of motherhood, and the sacrifice, beauty, and love that defines it. #motherhood #mom #momlife #mothersday
Celebrate motherhood with this poignant and inspiring letter that celebrates every unique stage of being a mom. #motherhood #MothersDay #celebratemom #motherhoodinspiration

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